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Beans allows you to reward your customers for performing actions that are strategically important to your business.
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We make customers acquisition, retention, referrals and engagement connected in one platform.
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I love the rewards and the dollars customers can earn
AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to spend my beans!
I like it, I like it aaaalot. I never expected it!! Makes me buy even more!!
Actually this program its one of the best out there, you guys really knock it out of the park with this one! thank you for everything!
Beans are a gimmick to spend more money. But it’s simple and affective.
It's a really smart idea and honestly the bean program is what got me to sign up.
More chances to earn beans, please.. :o)
What business owners say
We are very happy with Beans as a rewards app for our customers. The API is great and allows us to use beans in the way we need to. I highly recommend using beans and relying on their customer support if you need help. Rose raistlin
Awesome product and service! They were responsive, helpful, and informative. I use their app for two different independent sites/brands and plan to use them for a third. Andy Kromebody
I have had a great response with this app. New customers signing up, and increase in sales. The reminder emails the customer gets about their beans balance works better than my own email newsletters. Definitely worth it. Michael Blue Square Clothin
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