All these great features:

Unlimited members

Unlimited rules

1 integration

limited customization

API access

redeem fees ?

No fee

billed monthly



Everything in Free +

Custom domain

Priority support

CSV export

Unlimited integrations

Full customization

redeem fees ?

35% of redeemed amount

billed monthly



Everything in Plus +

Account management

Dedicated support

Migration assistance

CRM integration

Compliance export

redeem fees ?

Volume discounts

billed annually

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Happy Customers

Common Questions

  • How is the fee on redeemed amount calculated?

    The fee is calculated based on the amount redeemed by your customers during the billing period. We only charged on successful redemption. Product is $100. Customer redeem 500beans=$5. We charge 35%*$5=$1.75.

  • Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

    No. You can sign up and use Beans without entering your credit card details.

  • What if my currency is not USD?

    You will still be billed in USD. However, for convenience, your redeem fee will be calculated in your default currency and the total amount will be converted to USD for the billing.

Fair Billing Policy

Most rewards program software are designed to charge you per member regardless of how many of your customers are actively using the software or if it is really working for your business. We don’t think that’s fair. And it’s also hard to predict how many customers are going to actively participate in your rewards program in advance.

At Beans, you only get billed if the rewards program is working for your business. So you don’t pay for the customers that aren’t participating. Fair’s fair.

Beans For Small Businesses

Beans wants to support small and bootstrapped businesses. These are nearest to our hearts because this is where we came from. We love that they embody the spirit of risk-taking that makes good things happen. In that spirit, we have structured payment so that they can get up to $100 discount off, per month, on any plans. In return, we will just ask that they help spread the word.

This can be great for clients running on low margin and without a lot of capital, and it can be great for us if the investment pays off.

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