Everything you need to increase social engagement.

There really didn't exist any convincing solution to accompany businesses with their social strategy. That's why we created a social engagement engine to boost your marketing effort.

  • Higher engagement

    Existing customers are the most likely to engage with your business on social networks. Beans makes the customer journey continue after the purchase on your social channel, so you can continue selling.

  • Extended reach

    There’s a good chance that you customers have someone in their wider network who would be happy to pay for your product. Beans Social provides you with the tools you need to reach that person.

  • Happier customer

    Every good relationship requires some give and take. Create enduring relationships with your customers by encouraging two-way exchange.

Amplify your social effort

Beans uses smart, unified rules to make things simple for your customers and increase participation.

Set the rules

Reflect your business’s unique considerations by setting precise rules. You can even combine different rules to find out the most effective ways to incentivize your customers.

Customize, test & iterate

To help you get started, Beans suggests the most pertinent rewards according to your business. Test and adjust your rules to optimize revenue and maximize participation. You have real time insights on how your rules are performing.

Grow your business with Beans

Whether you’re concerned about your customers or your business, Beans has the solutions to help you build a sophisticated rewards program that is fun, flexible and profitable.

  • Customer dashboard

    With the dashboard, your customers have access to everything in one place. They can easily check their balance, manage their account and connect with Facebook and Twitter.

  • Real-time insights

    Get a transparent view of how your rewards program is performing. Beans lets you know how much revenue it is bringing in and how much it costs.

  • Automated notifications

    Beans activates your customers by sending them reminders and notifications. You control the frequency, while your customers can dial it up or down to their taste.

Fit and Thick marketing team uses beans to extend their social reach.